17 Secrets to Success

These 17 Secrets are meant as life-lessons. I thought they were particulpatbrysonsmallsquare_129arly appropriate as secrets for success in sales also.

  1. Keep your temper to yourself
  2. Give your enthusiasm to everybody
  3. Be yourself, forget yourself, become genuinely interested in the other guy.
  4. Be fair, honest, friendly-and you’ll be admired and liked.
  5. Make other people feel important.
  6. Count your assets and stamp out self-pity.
  7. Meet the other person at his/her own level.
  8. Put your smile power to work.
  9. Keep moving.
  10. Keep trying.
  11. Give the gift of heart.
  12. Get off to a good start in anything you do.
  13. Forgive yourself if you fail.
  14. Be lavish with kindness.
  15. Overwhelm people with your charm, not your power.
  16. Keep promises.
  17. Be optimistic.