Laws comments as ‘moral arbiters’ deliver petition: AUDIO

“A few self appointed moral arbiters… are constantly searching for reasons to be offended.” As the GetUp petitioners were presenting their document outside 2SM yesterday (see our earlier story), John Laws told his listeners that they are “just looking for a little notoriety” for themselves.

Laws said: “Suddenly social media is abuzz with mock indignation about what I am reported to have said, but much of that response is a reaction to a reaction [in the Daily Telegraph], that’s all it is…

“Take your 38,000 signatures and dump them at the door of the editor of the Telegraph, he’s the one who wanted to go hard on this story. I don’t want them, let him have them.”

He also reiterated his apology. “If anybody took offence at the way I framed the questions, then of course I’m sorry, and I’ve already said I’m sorry.” The full segment is below.

Listening to the show outside the studios, one GetUp member posted the tweet below, in response to these comments from Laws: “So why are there protesters outside the building. Well, because you’ve got a few self-appointed moral arbiters like GetUp! – which ought be called ‘shut up’ – and Destroy the Joint. Charming. Aren’t they clever little groups. They operate within the shadows of the internet. They’re constantly searching for reasons to be offended.”


Later Laws told a talkback caller: “[The protestors] are nice and gentle, they’re saying they want me to apologise, but I’ve already apologised… They’re looking for their movement in the sun…”

Meanwhile, in response to the invitation to appear on the Laws program yesterday, Cathy Kezelman from Adult Survivors of Child Abuse is applying to speak on Laws’s program next week.

Listen to the earlier first and second calls from Carol below.