BBC’s Chris Evans under fire for ignoring minute’s silence

Chris Evans has come under fire for ignoring a minute’s silence for the Aberfan disaster (pictured) on his Radio 2 breakfast show.
Listeners heard the BBC host laugh and joke through an interview with rock star Phil Collins.
The radio star was accused of “arrogance” on the 50th anniversary of the tragedy which claimed the lives of 116 children and 28 adults.
Other programmes, including BBC Breakfast on TV, observed the silent tribute to the victims and their families.
Furious comments were posted on the official Facebook page for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.
Listener Seerjay Nolth said: “I find it incredible that Chris Evans thought it more important to massage his millionaire friend Phil Collins’ ego instead of paying respects to children who died.”
Clare Lewis complained that Evans and his guests, including a vicar, “could not spare a minute for 144 souls” while Annette Pattemore said she was “deeply disappointed”.
The Corporation said: “The BBC covered the anniversary of Aberfan extensively across both news and our wider programming. Radio 2 remembered Aberfan this week with a discussion on Jeremy Vine’s programme, the hour-long documentary ‘The Voices of Aberfan’ on Thursday evening, Diane Louise Jordan marked the anniversary in The Sunday Hour, as well as in news bulletins throughout Friday’s programming.”

I’m wondering if the interview had been pre-recorded which would have made it difficult to break.