Sabra Lane named as AM presenter

Sabra Lane, one of Australia’s most experienced and respected political journalists, has been named as the new presenter of flagship ABC Radio Current Affairs program AM.

She takes over the high-profile role from Michael Brissenden, who is moving to Four Corners after two years in the AM hot seat.

Director of News Gaven Morris said: “AM sets the national agenda for the day and Australians turn to the program to get the latest news and analysis in a fair, accurate and balanced way.

“Being presenter of AM is one of the key political reporting jobs in the Australian media and Sabra is a worthy inheritor of the position.”

Sabra said: “I am excited and deeply honoured to take this role. It’s a wonderful challenge, one I’m going to relish and grab with both hands.

“AM has been the program that politicians and business leaders have tuned into for more than 40 years and I look forward to carrying on the tradition.

“I will be our listeners’ voice and ask politicians of all persuasions the questions Australians want asked – and I will prod, provoke and challenge them into giving answers.”

AM can be heard Monday to Saturday at 8.00am-8.30am on ABC Local Radio.


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