Fans save easy listening station

A Florida FM station has proven easy listening fans may not be so passive after all.  A recent financial appeal also gave Jones College in Jacksonville, FL a lesson in how important radio is to its listeners.
If fundraising didn’t improve, general manager Kenneth Jones threatened a sale of college station easy listening WKTZ-FM or,  perhaps worse to fans,  a format change to music that would appeal to college kids.  The warning did the trick.  Jones says the station has raised $40,000, or 20% of its $200,000 goal. 
He told listeners: At our current rate it looks like we will be able to continue.” He noted that most contributors were pledging $100 to save the format.
Jones acknowledges that in recent years WKTZ-FM has been asking for more from listeners as Jones College’s subsidies have grown smaller.   The school also owns adult standards sister WJAX (1220), which relies on advertising sales to support its operation.