Kyle and Jackie O’s production masterclass

Kyle is dead right

Radio Imaging is the glue that sticks a radio station together…
….but often it’s the last thing planned for in the yearly budgeting, when it should be one of the first. After all, the imaging is the station’s unique ‘fingerprint’, and essentially, what the sales executives are selling.
There are many components that make up radio programming including music, talk & content breaks, ads, credits, competitions, news, weather & traffic, and it’s the imaging that connects, or ‘glues’ this all together.
Some imaging producers make the mistake of thinking more is more.  More workparts, more sound effects, more beat mixing and more ‘zaps’ maketh better promos or a sweeper. But this is not always the case. Sometimes the most simple voiceover with subtle processing and effects is the best solution. After all, the hero of most radio stations is the music, and not the workpart/sound effect collection the image producer has amassed over the years!
Imaging should help tell a radio station’s story. Engage listeners, make them laugh, and most of all, showcase the music. However, it doesn’t have to be predictable, and formulaic.
Radio imaging is the glue that sticks a radio station together. It pays to invest it high quality, high strength glue so the station does not come unstuck.