Station fined for playing song that ‘glorified battlefield victories against non-Muslims’

A U.K. radio station has been fined by Ofcom after they played a song on air which “constituted hate speech”.
The decision against Radio Dawn, a community broadcaster in Nottingham, was made after they broadcast a particular piece of devotional music known as a Nasheed.
Ofcom ruled it broke the broadcasting code and ruled amounted to “derogatory treatment towards non-Muslim people”
The broadcasting watchdog said the song in question was “glorifying the victories on the battlefield of figures from Islamic history” and then suggesting that “similar violent acts committed against non-Muslim people would bring honour to Islam”.
The station, which is aimed at the Muslim community, has since apologised for the song, which it said should never have “slipped through”.
The regulator said that the 17-minute Nasheed repeatedly referred to non-Muslim people as Kuffar, (disbeliever in Arabic) and “on one occasion, “Kaafir I Murdaar” (meaning filthy disbeliever in Urdu)”.
It ruled that the breaches of the code were “serious” and demanded that the radio station’s license holder Karimia Ltd pay £2,000 and broadcast a statement on air about the Ofcom findings.