Which has better Radio, Sydney or Melbourne?

The battle for supremacy between Sydney and Melbourne remains, arguably, Australia’s biggest and longest running rivalry. From which has the better food or attracts the better events to which city has better architecture and roads. As former PM, Paul Keating, found out when he famously said, “If you’re not living in Sydney, you’re just camping out,” any disparaging remark about one city to the benefit of the other earns quick and vociferous rebuke from the offended metropolis. Clearly the Melbourne Radio landscape is very different to that of Sydney. In what way is this so?

Why is it that some networked shows work and others don’t in both cities? Do shows produced in Melbourne tend to have a better chance in Sydney than the other way around?

Most importantly, which city’s Radio sounds better: Sydney or Melbourne? Who wins between Kyle and Jackie O v Matt & Jo. Or Grubby and Dee Dee v. Amanda and Jonesy? Or Neil Mitchell v Ray Hadley?

Make your own comparisons and tell us why.