ENCO joins the AI revolution that is moving rapidly into radio

ENCO have released their own AI module that can be adapted into almost any play-out system.

At the 2023 NAB Show, ENCO showed of the product, ENCO GPT, that uses CHATGPT and a synthetic voice from Amazon to create stopdowns that upload straight into a live playlist.

Ken Walther demonstrated the product for radioinfo.



ENCO’s two new AI innovations, AITrack and ENCO-GPT, leverage the ChatGPT model to generate language responses from text-based queries added to automated TV and radio production workflows.

AITrack integrates with ENCO’s DAD radio automation system to generate and insert voice tracks between songs. That might include identifying the song and artist of the previous song, introducing upcoming songs, communicating station IDs, or providing localized news and weather. Users can adjust the length of each automated voice track, and AITrack leverages CHAT-GPT and synthetic voice engines to produce natural-sounding, engaging content between songs.

ENCO-GPT simplifies copy creation within TV and radio broadcasts and program streams. ENCO-GPT automatically creates ad copy on behalf of sponsors. For example, a producer can leverage ENCO-GPT to produce audio content for an auto dealership that committed to a recent media buy without producing their own ad content. ENCO-GPT ingests text from the producer with details on an upcoming special sale, with highly accurate, immediate turnaround of synthetic speech that is ready to air.

ENCO-GPT brings additional value for producers that need to summarize news stories to fit a specific run time in a broadcast schedule. The application will condense a lengthy written news article into a few sentences, or inject breaking news updates within live ad breaks.

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