​2UE chases Clive Palmer over debt

Last Friday Clive Palmer, head of the increasingly popular Palmer United Party, hung up on 2UE’s breakfast duo John Stanley and Garry Linnell when they quizzed him about some overdue accounts owing to small contractors. Read that story and listen to audio here.
Incensed that Palmer, a multi-billionaire would withhold a payment of just under $2,500 from a sign maker for election posters, the duo decided to take on the tradie’s cause and pursue Palmer themselves.
They convinced management at 2UE to pay out the sign maker and take over the debt so that they could take up the outstanding amount with Palmer directly.
Palmer, already embroiled in a bitter feud with the Murdoch press, may find friendly media exposure limited if he keeps hanging up on interviews that don’t stick to the questions he’d prefer to be asked.


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