​Never take a sickie. They may replace you with cheaper talent

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.

Nova 93.7 Breakfast Announcers Nathan Morris and Natalie Locke arrived at their Perth studios this morning to find their co-host, Shaun McManus, was stranded in Busselton. But they soon found a fitting replacement for Shaun – a stapler they found on his seat.

The stapler didn’t take long to settle into the job, assuming Shaun’s role with ease and joking with the team who have affectionately dubbed him “Staples”.

“It’s a great feeling to finally find someone we just really click with,” said co-host Nathan, with Nat commenting that “Staples” really held the show together.

“He did exactly what Shaun does, but better and with less banging on about football,” said Nathan.

Nova 93.7 Managing Director, Gary Roberts, said the stapler showed “great radio potential, and gives us a lot less grief than Shaun.”

“Staples” also appears to have become somewhat of a facebook sensation. Nova listener Brendyn commented on facebook “Nathan, Nat and Staples has a nice ring to it! Maybe the stapler could fill in for the Dockers this weekend as well.”

With Shaun’s return likely to be tomorrow “Staples” is concerned his media career may become “stationery.”

Next time, maybe a four iron would be up to par. If not, a mustard cutter.

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