​Objections to buying radio advertising are universal

Selling Radio with Pat Bryson
Last month I had the opportunity to work with sales people in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During my 10-day stay, I met with the sales staffs and managers of Rtv, Ekattor TV, The Independent, Channel I and The Daily Star.
Once again, I heard their sales people mentioning the same problems and objections that I hear in Greenville, MS, Reno, NV, Tulsa, OK, Peru, IL, Gliwice, Poland, Brisbane, AU and Red Deer, Canada. 
Clients won’t tell us what their budgets are.”
“Clients are looking to buy the lowest rates possible.”
“The guys across town are cutting rates.”
“No one wants to buy long-term.”
“Clients want to ‘try’ our stations.”
 Sound familiar?
I hope this may give you hope that objections come in many languages, but they are all basically the same.

Objections fall under four categories: Price, Media, Format, Marketing. That’s it. Think about the objections you hear most frequently. You can place them under one of these headings. If we can learn to categorise the objections we hear and learn responses to these objections, then they are not so scary.  
Objections are usually questions. People may want more information. They may want assurance that our product will meet their needs and solve their problems. They may use objections as a way to negotiate with us!
One thing is for sure: Making calls is easier in any market I’ve seen than in Dhaka. Traffic in Dhaka is a giant game of “chicken” with 12 lanes of cars, buses, motorcycles, bikes, rickshaws and pedestrians trying to fit into two lanes of motorway. My hair is still standing on end from the drive to and from the offices. 
Traffic not withstanding, I had a great time in Dhaka. I got to see reporters in bullet-proof vests reporting from polling places during the national elections. I applaud these brave news-gatherers. We were treated like royalty at the stations we worked with. I met some very nice and very dedicated TV, radio and newspaper people. 

About The Author 

Pat Bryson is the founder of Bryson Broadcasting International, a consulting firm that works with radio stations around the world to increase revenue by raising the skill level of their sales staffs. Her client list spans from the United States to Canada, Europe and Central Asia.

Pat has spent her entire career creating a culture of over-achievement for her stations. She began her career in radio sales, becoming one of the highest billing sales people in her market. Her career advanced to General Sales Manager, and then to Market Manager. Since starting BBI 7 years ago, she has helped hundreds of radio stations to find, train and grow great quality sales people and managers.

Pat was the recipient of two prestigious educational fellowships from the Educational Foundation of the National Association of Broadcasters: a fellowship to the Executive Development Program and a fellowship to the Broadcast Leadership Training Program.

She publishes the Bryson Broadcasting International Newsletter twice monthly and is a contributor to Valerie Geller’s latest book, Beyond Powerful Radio: A Communicator’s Guide To The Internet Age.

You may contact Pat at [email protected] or visit her website at http://www.patbryson.com.

This article was republished with permission from Pat Bryson’s Newsletter