11 things you should know about RadioGPT

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Futuri with its RadioGPT model is leading the way in rolling out Radio AI.  Daniel Anstandig, CEO of  Futuri based in Ohio U.S.A. recently did a keynote at Radio Days North America in Toronto. Daniel asked…

What would radio look like if it had been invented after the internet?’  Interesting question.

Anstandig remarked that ‘Radio AI is the elephant in the radio room’.  We discussed later the fear and loathing by many radio broadcasters and about how CEO’s and CFO’s of radio companies may seize Radio AI as a way to squeeze more profits from radio replacing as many non prime time shifts as possible.  In my view that would shock the Radio Monkey.  Bell Media has already done that with closing AM stations and a massive layoff of talent.  

I raised the issue of new talent development.  Where will we find spots for newer talents to develop their radio skills if we give these time slots to Radio AI bots?

As a lifelong broadcaster, I too had many doubts about letting Radio AI reek havoc in today’s radio. 

Upon further investigation and talking to many of my most trusted radio associates, here’s what they are now saying about the potential of Radio AI in their day-to-day operations. Here are some key points to consider about AI Radio.

  • Radio AI can be used to do lots of research on various subjects.  
  • It can write and produce SPEC spots for sales. 
  • It can aggregate all of your social media platforms and screen for relevant useful information. 
  • It can put together podcast content.
  • It can do daily monitoring of traffic and weather.
  • It can do audience research if you pose the right questions.

The samples I heard of AI bot voices were interesting.  It’s about 80% there.  It can mimic any voice you want and create an AI voice bot.  Rogers Radio one of Canada’s biggest Telco, Sports and Entertainment company with a large national group of radio stations is an early adopter of RadioGPT and is doing beta testing now in some of its smaller market stations according to Content Director Paul Kaye.  If this gains tractions, there will no doubt be a layer of live and VT shows turned over to Radio AI.  I’ll let that reality sink in for a bit.   

My main issue with Radio AI voice bots is that they can’t do primals.  Primals are the emotional fabric that makes us laugh, cry, think and respond to human emotions.  Radio AI bots can’t do that yet.  Maybe they never will.  Remember one thing, these AI bots are learning about us humans at a very rapid pace.  Contexting is another huge issue.  There are gaps, in my view, that only humans can do. 

Let me say this loud and clear to all radio owners, content creators, talents and creative writers and producers.  As long as you can add human emotional and primals to your work, you will NEVER BE REPLACED by an AI bot. 

My advice if AI Radio comes knocking, use it as a research tool.  Get it to do the probing grunt work.  Get it to write draft scripts, get it to do a late night show. Get to aggregate your social media.  This is the true benefit of what Radio AI is offering.

If you run an AI bot voice you must identify it as such.  That advice is from Daniel Anstandig not me.  Also keep in mind as of right now, there are no copyright laws retaining to AI.  That is a very grey area. 

And did you know that RadioGPT can create alternative language programming in real time. 

11 things you should know about RadioGPT  by Daniel Anstandig

  1. It can see what’s in your music log and talk about the songs or artists on your station.
  2. It can see what’s happening in your local market right now and talk about it in real-time.
  3. It can post on your Facebook, Instagram, twitter and TikTok during its show and talk about what’s coming up.
  4. It’s great at teasing and pre-promoting content going into breaks.
  5. It can talk about the weather and traffic.
  6. I can see how many people are listening right now through Futuri Streaming and say hello to certain locations
  7. It can take Open Mic audio from listeners using Futuri Mobile and incorporate their thoughts, questions, and feedback into my show.
  8. It can share news updates and current events relevant to your audience’s interests and demographics
  9. It has experience conducting engaging interviews with notable guests and experts.
  10. It can give away prizes, tickets, and exclusive experiences to listeners through on-air contests using Futuri Mobile’s Flash Contesting feature.
  11. It’s skilled at creating unique and entertaining breaks that keep your audience engaged and coming back for more


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