2 SER’s 25th birthday and radiothon

As new community youth stations like Groove in Perth, Fresh Adelaide and Edge Hobart, FBi Sydney and Syn Melbourne emerge, the first generation of community youth stations is getting older.

One of those stations, 2SER 107.3 FM in Sydney, is celebrating its 25th birthday this month.

2 SER was among the first round of radical youth community stations granted licences in the late 1970s, with others like 3RRR Melbourne, 5UV Adelaide and 4ZZZ Brisbane.

Like the ABC’s Triple J, these stations have had to face the question of whether to grow old with their original audience, or reformat and try to grab a new audience in an era of increased competition.

In the 25 years since 2 SER began, the Sydney market has fragmented significantly and community stations are no longer able to chase a generalist audience as they used to. Recent programming moves at 2 SER show that it is working on this problem with some success.

To increase awareness of 2SER, and to increase membership, 2SER will hold its annual Radiothon and Subscriber Drive from this Friday October 8 until October 15.

2SER, like other community stations, is independent, non-commercial and listener funded. The subscriber drive is all about our listeners pledging their financial support of the station by becoming subscribers. “Grass roots media like 2SER cannot operate without the support of the community,” the station’s Marketing & Development Manager Julia Gumbleton has told radioinfo.

“We call 2SER ‘Real Radio’, radio made by everyday people from the community who are passionate about music and about what’s going on in the world around them. This is reflected in what you hear on air, in coverage of news and current affairs and in the diverse quality of music that you won’t hear anywhere else.

“All 2SER music show presenters are dedicated volunteers who don’t work with play lists. 2SER provides access for the community to the media, both through the 100 or so volunteers we train in radio production skills each year, and in our support of local and independent musicians, artists and events. For 25 years, 2SER has been a blessing for Sydneysiders seeking a change from mainstream formats with its true alternative radio.”

During this year’s subscriber drive the message to listeners is “Keep It Real by becoming a subscriber.”

The station is offering prizes to subscribers during Radiothon to sweeten the deal. Some of these include: a copy of the Downlow on the Downtempo CD (from Creative Vibes & Groovescooter Records) for the first 500 subscribers; cycling gear from Woolys Wheels ($1000 voucher); a queen size bed from The Natural Bedding Company; yoga lessons from Yoga Solutions; dinner for 12 people at fumanchu in Darlinghurst; loads of great CD & DVD packs from Inertia, Stomp EQ, Madman Cinema, Shock, EMI, Didgeridoo and more.

Call 02 9514 9500 to subscribe or log on to the website below.