2CC’s Jorian Gardner issues apology to listeners and rebuke to ‘haters’

Jorian Gardner, who two weeks ago suggested Communications Minister Stephen Conroy should wear a “penis cam” during cabvarchar(15) meetings so that he could film up Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s skirt, is back on air and has issued an apology.

He conceded, Perhaps on this occasion I went a little too far. I apologise to any listener that may have been offended, Minister Conroy and the Prime Minister herself.  I have served a longer suspension than first given by management – 2 weeks now – and reaffirmed my commitment to the codes of practice that govern broadcasting.”

Having said that, Gardner then said this, “The subsequent outrage was in my opinion a media beat up.  Most commentators decided to run the salacious parts of what I allegedly said – and not the substance of the issue. Most of the “haters” out there didn’t even hear what I said so a game of Chinese whispers occurred in the national media.”