2CH making easy work of competitors

2CH today announced that it has made significant gains across several key timeslots and is forging ahead past its rival stations

Veteran morning personality Bob Rogers increased his share to 7.2% and now out performs FM music stations WSFM, MIX106.5, 2MMM, and VEGA in the highly competitive 9am to midday timeslot.

The 2CH afternoon share continues to grow with Steve Murphy gaining almost 1 percentage point this year. At night, Ian Holland’s share increased, equalling NOVA 96.9 and finishing well ahead of WSFM, MMM and VEGA.

2CH is continuing its domination of FM stations on the weekend, beating MMM, MIX106.5, NOVA 969 and VEGA and finishing only 0.3% behind the market’s music leader, 2DAYFM, in the latest weekend ratings.

2CH programme Director Ian Holland told radioinfo:

“Our station continues to enjoy increased audience share because music content and the ability to relate to the market is becoming more important to listeners than whether it is broadcast on AM or FM. The music format on 2CH is audience driven and is being constantly enhanced in line with the demands and the lifestyle of the station’s 40 plus target audience.”

In further news, Holland today announced the appointment of Gareth McCray to the fulltime position of breakfast host and Mardi Cole to the position of drive personality.

Mardi Cole is replacing George Ilich who will become a permanent floater, filling in when any of the other team members are on leave.