Stay in touch with your audience every day: Ryan Rathbone #RadioAsia2019

Ryan Rathbone, National Content Director of MediaWorks NZ’s Edge network gave tips on how to get great the best results for your radio station through winning strategies at this week’s Radio Asia conference in Bangladesh..

One of Ryan’s tips is about low cost audience research:

Reply to audience emails, and when you do, ask them something about what they thought of the programs today. It is a simple way to get research from your listeners.

“Information about your audience can be free if you are smart,” he said. “Ask one key question. I usually ask, is my breakfast show getting better or worse? Why?”

Rathbone advises not to be afraid of someone telling you something awful, you want that information. “Once you have the responses, look for trends and think about whether you need to change anything based on those trends.”

Other tips from Ryan are:

Winning shows create content that makes you feel something. Emotional stories work.

Radio can change lives. It is so powerful. Make sure that everyday, something on our radio station could change lives.

Great shows are planned, so they can embrace the unexpected. Use all the tools, planning schedule, daily rundowns, content sheets and scripts, but be ready to break away when there is something great.

Winning shows make noise and get talked about. Do activities, promotions and stunts that get you talked about.

Winning shows take action on feedback. You can always learn more from your audience… Stay in touch with your audience every day.


In a morning session the following day, Ryan led a workshop where conference participants created content for their breakfast shows, using his suggestions for improving content.



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