2HD floats Pasha Bulker competition

2HD has been having some fun with the history making event that has stranded the ship Pasha Bulker on Nobbys beach Newcastle.

2HD has launched a competition in its honour called “Shift the Ship.” The stranded boat has been shoved off the dock, christened with a bottle, and had other stunts asociated with it since its beaching after heavy storms only a week ago.

2HD’s Luke Grant told the Daily Telegraph the response had been tremendous: “It’s a pretty big thing. I’ve done a lot of contests, and this is right up there,”

To be part of the competition, callers are asked to nominate the day and time they think the ship will be refloated with the five closest guesses wining $1000 each.

Of course, there is the chance the Pasha Bulker could be stuck there for good, so the competition may go on for a long time.