Don Burke will branch into talkback

After returning to the airwaves at 2UE to co-host the weekend gardening program Don Burke will take up an offer from management to fill in for afternoon presenter John Stanley.

Burke says he is curious to find out if he has the ability to relate to listeners on topics other than gardening. He is confident that there is room for him with a hole in the radio landscape for someone a little cheerier than the current crop of talkback hosts.

Burke told the Sydney Morning Herald that he believes Sydney needs a cheerful fellow who will spread cheer over the airwaves, someone like Gary O’Callaghan.

“Gary O’Callaghan was No. 1 in breakfast on 2UE for 30 years and all he did was give people happiness and a bit of information every day and send them off to work feeling really good about being alive. If I could achieve that, have the opportunity of giving people a great start to the day, I would be zippity do-dah-ing my way to work.

Burke is the first to admit he will have his L-plates when he sits behind the microphone.

“Here’s my theory,the first two days I’ll probably screw up, Wednesday I’ll bottom out and scrape through and I’m hoping Thursday and Friday will be good radio. If you want a good laugh at my expense tune in today. If you want good radio, wait until later in the week.”