First Adelaide digital radio broadcast

Adelaide experienced its first digital radio broadcast last friday as part of the AFTRS Digital Radio Roadshow.

Using a test licence granted by ACMA, the AFTRS Roadshow broadcast 12 hours worth of test programming so that participants could see the visual potential of digital radio. Logos, song names, album covers, traffic reports and other information was broadcast, as well as an audio stream on each channel. The content was captured from digital rado broadcasts in other cities and saved for rebroadcast durng the seminar.

Participants listened to the broadcast on small iRiver picture radios that were passed around the seminar room.

AFTRS has now purchased a small digital radio transmitter for demonstration broadcasts, and will bring it to each of the Roadshows cities it visits. Additional equipment organised by CRA’s Richard Morris and DMG’s Steve Adler was also used in the low power Adelaide broadcast, which covered just a few blocks around the seminar venue at the Adelaide Art Gallery.

Industry co-operation on digital radio was evident in the first panel where speakers included senior representatives from all radio sectors: CRA’s Joan Warner, CBAA’s Barry Melville and ABC’s Margaret Cassidy.

Other speakers included Steve James and Richard Morris from CRA, and Mark Suprway plus Tony Walker from the ABC. Radio Adelaide manager Deb Welch and DMG transmission expert Steve Adler also spoke. The seminar was initiated and hosted by AFTRS Head of Radio Steve Ahern.

The next AFTRS digital radio roadshow seminars are in Melbourne and Perth. To register for more information, click the link below.

Photos from the Roadshow:



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