2HD sticks by their newsreader

“It’s a mistake anyone can make,” 2HD GM Guy Ashford (left) told radioinfo. “In fact, I did something similar myself when I worked at Port Macquarie. But he wouldn’t want to make the same mistake again, cause we’d take a very dim view if it ever happens again.” 

Ashford is talking about the young newsreader who aired the expletive-laden weather report in the SuperNetwork sports show last night.

We are not going to name and shame the young man here on radioinfo because he is embarrassed enough already according to his boss who believes “he’s terrific young kid and deserves a second chance.”

Reflecting the fierce rivalry in the Newcastle market, Ashford was perplexed at why so much fuss is made over his station’s blooper while, “Nobody mentioned the fact that last week KOFM broadcast a news bulletin from the week before.”

Anatomy of the blooper: The SuperNetwork news is read out of 2SM in Sydney but each relay station provides their own local weather report. Generally, this is pre-recorded and triggered by a cue pulse.

In this instance the young ‘weather man’ at HD was stumbling over one word during the recording phase and after several attempts swore out of frustration for getting it wrong once again. That was a mistake, but not the big mistake.

His big mistake was that he miscued the recording when he put it on to the system. What he thought was cued to the final, clean read turned out to be cued to the track before.

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