2SM Super Radio Network satellite distribution upgrade

The Super Radio Network is set to upgrade its satellite radio distribution to Star Pro Audio Solutions to increase the efficiency, quality and reach of their satellite streaming.

SRN operates 36 AM & FM Radio Stations, 45 translators as well as five Sydney DAB+ Radio Stations. 

Running since 1995, it delivers a majority of its radio programming, including The John Laws Radio Morning Show, from multiple studios to regional stations.

The upgrade includes IDC’s new STAR-4 receivers, which provide four separate high quality stereo channels and the new network will utilise DVB-S2 modulation, which delivers significant cost savings due to efficient use of satellite bandwidth.

“The selection of the STAR Pro Audio Solution by this longtime customer is evidence of our ongoing commitment to providing leading-edge technology for radio broadcasters,” said Doug Lowther, President and CEO of IDC. 

“The combination of excellent audio quality and cost-savings offered by the new solution will be a great benefit to SRN.”


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