30 jobs to go in Sydney Merger

In a briefing to staff the interim executive chairman of the newly merged entity made up of Macquarie Radio Network and Fairfax Radio Network, Russell Tate, is understood to have told staff that about 30 of them would be made redundant between 2GB and 2UE in Sydney.

Mr Tate told the Daily Telegraph, “Our first priority is to remove uncertainty among the staff and clarify everyone’s position.’’

Sources say the redundancies will come from the newsrooms, sales and administrative areas.

Another 20 positions are likely to be cut nationally according to the Russell Tate briefing.

In the affected stations today, confidential discussions have begun with staff about their future.

There are wild rumours circulating about the 2UE Newsroom closing, but, what is most likely is that 2UE will move to Pyrmont when the 2UE building is sold soon, and that the staff will merge. Some redundancies are likely, as has already been put on the record.

Despite some incorrect rumours, no senior staff at 2UE have been given notice.