Was this world record attempt fruitless?

As you toast your Easter Buns, spread them with butter, make a cuppa and get ready to tune into one of the many long-weekend countdowns on your favourite radio station take a moment to think of Paul and Woody from Hobart’s 100.9 Sea FM.
The Hobart breakfast duo hatched a plan to smash the Guinness World Record for the biggest Easter bun. With the support of Cripps bakery, which volunteered to bake the bun in their newly installed Italian oven, a massive 300-kilogram Easter bun was constructed.
Cooked in a specially designed, Tasmania shaped baking tin, the bun contained 75kg of Australian fruit, 160kg of Tasmanian flour, 32kg of Australian sugar, 16kg of cinnamon, 8kg of spice and 80 litres of pure Tasmanian water.
However, while it weighed in at a massive 300 kilograms smashing the previous record of 168 kilograms, all their hard work appears fruitless. 
Hobart has spent the week debating whether a whole lot of little buns makes one big bun and Guinness World Record Australia agrees saying while evidence was still being reviewed it’s unlikely the Easter bun will be counted as a valid record as it was hundreds of small buns that were fused together.
And so they wait…
Happy Easter.


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