3AW is Fairfax Radio’s shining star: Lunch with Greg Hywood

Fairfax Media is in the radio business “for the long road,” according to CEO Greg Hywood, who spoke at the Melbourne Press Club this week.

Hywood told the audience of assembled Victorian journos, “We are getting it right. It won’t happen overnight. We are [in radio] for the long road.”

He singled out 3AW as the “shining star” of the company’s radio business.

Hywood said quality and investigative journalism is “thriving” at Fairfax. The company has “adjusted to the new commercial reality” and was “creating new revenues,” according to Hywood.

Watch his full Melbourne Press Club talk below, and click here to view last month’s talk where John Faine and Neil Mitchell go head to head about the comparative values of Commercial and ABC talk radio.


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