3AW loses listeners, swears they saw them yesterday

3AW is in the bitter sweet situation of winning a survey but losing listeners in every timeslot.

The station finished on top again – a record 35th consecutive ratings victory – but lost a significant 3.9 points from its 13.6 per cent audience share.

Surprisingly it was the pensioners, the over-55s left 3AW in a mass exodus.

The station’s share of senior listeners fell 8.5 points to 25.6.

Radio experts cannot explain the grey army departure. Their other traditional home, ABC 774, also lost 1.3 points from the age group.

3AW’s program director Clark Forbes told the Age newspaper.

“Our over-55 audience has just disappeared, perhaps they’ve gone to Queensland on holiday. I just don’t know.”

“Radio is a volatile business. You can be a rooster one day and a feather duster the next. But there are nine other stations out there who would give their left testicle for our figures.”