4BC Daylight Saving Poll

4BC is running a poll until midnight, asking listeners whether they want daylight saving.

The Brisbane station is describing it as the referendum the Queensland Government ‘is afraid to run, so we will’.

From day one, Queensland was bitterly opposed to daylight saving, but could there be change in the air? It could be enough to make Jo and Flo choke on their pumpkin scones, to fade the curtains or to mess up the chooks laying their eggs!

4BC is declaring: “Let’s find out how things have changed (or if they’ve changed) since the last vote.

“Let’s find out once and for all what we all think about this issue.

“What would be the effect on the economy? Would more jobs be created? Would we save electricity? How would it change our lifestyle?

“4BC will talk to people in politics, tourism, business, sport, schools etc.
All opinions are welcome – that’s the object of the exercise.”

The last (official) referendum took place in 1992 when the statewide vote was 54% against daylight saving. Significantly, in south east Queensland, it was just on 60% in favour of a change.