4BH Changes its Name

Last Friday we said that it was likely to be Magic. But it wasn’t. At 7:10am 8824BH breakfast announcer Michael Price told us that he was about to make “the biggest announcement  of this heritage station in its 80 years.”

At about 7:13 Michael’s guest was the General Manager of the Northern Region of the Hyundai Motor Company, Mr Terry Mulcahy. Neither man could contain their excitement with the news that the newly branded station, with the largesse of Hyundai, would give a lucky listener the chance to win an i30 hatch.

mprice_90And then at 7:17 came the momentous moment to mark the grand station’s 80th anniversary. 4BH would from now be known throughout the land as 4BHyundai.

But the rebrand is not permanent.4BH Program Director, Geoff Harrison says, “The station rebranding (4BHyundai) will be on-air for this week. Our frequency remains the same, 882 on the AM dial, we are still on digital radio in real stereo and streaming from our existing website and through our free smart phone apps.”