Flashback to 1979: Clive Robertson

Unique among broadcasters, Clive Robertson zigged when others zagged. In 1979 when this video was made, he was at the height of his radio career on breakfast at 2BL, now dubbed ABC 702. While other breakfast announcers strove to be bright and bubbly, Clive was low key and introspective – but very, very funny.

At age 33 Clive was number two in breakfast behind 2UE’s unassailable Garry O’Callaghan who described him as “The youngest eccentric I’ve ever met.”

Bob Rogers said of him, “I think he’s brilliant, bordering on genius.” Ian MacRae, the biggest star at the then mighty 2SM, was simply grateful that Robertson started half an hour earlier than he did, saying, “I get to listen to Clive driving in to work each day so that I have plenty of time to gather material for my show.”

In 2008, when working at 2UE Clive’s bio, more likely his auto-bio, read:

Clive Robertson was born out in the sticks some years ago, the son of a preacher-man (and solicitor). He failed to see the point of school and ignored most of what was taught with a cunning approach that would have been better directed at actually learning.  But he was not to know that.

He has been, and with varying degrees of success, a farm hand (and two legs!), an electrical worker, apprentice, PMG exchange installer, conveyancer, court-worker, loan-approver and broadcaster.

He starting(sic) talking on radio the year that “talkback” started and has worked in rock, classical, talk and music formats.  He has also expertly read the television news for the ABC and Channels 7 and 9 in a non-contemporaneous fashion.

He likes:


Reading books with big pictures in them;

Walking (a lot) – he walked 23 km just the other day!


and of course 2UE

He plans to live until he’s 96, providing he’s not visibly incontinent or annoyingly senile.

At last sighting Clive was neither incontinent nor senile. He is living in the Blue Mountains.