4MB looking for past staff for reunion

Past employees of 4MB Maryborough (now Triple M Fraser Coast) are planning a reunion on the 19th August at the Maryborough RSL.  

Did you work at 4MB in your career?  The organising team would like to hear from you.

They have contacts for some past staff but are trying to track down other former staff who are now out of touch. See the list below.
ANNOUNCING STAFF           Chris Miller (1990?s)
                                                Craig McGahan (1960?s)
                                                Graham Butters (1950?s)
                                                Ian Burnett (1960?s)
                                                Jan Clarke (1970?s)
                                                Ken Bacon (1970?s)
                                                Kristie Lee (2000?s)
                                                Leo Behm (1950?s)
                                                Mark Plummer (1980?s)
                                                Paula Thomas (1970?s)
                                                Ray Maseriak (1970?s)
                                                Roger Gray (1970?s)
                                                Russell Guy (1960?s)
                                                Steve Creagh (2000?s)
                                                Steve Palmer (1970?s)
                                                Steve Smith (1980?s)
                                                Ted Angelo (1970?s)
                                                Todd Austin (2000?s)
                                                Tony Sutton (1980?s)
                                                Wayne McIntosh (1970?s)
ADMIN STAFF                        Alicia Annesley (1950?s)
                                                Carolyn Whitby (1960?s)
                                                Cheryl Blake (1960?s)
                                                Gaye Bromham (1960?s)
                                                Janice Hyslop (1960?s)
                                                Joy O?Brien (1960?s)
                                                Judy McDougall (1970?s)
                                                Julie Walker (1980?s)
                                                Kaye Parfitt (2000?s)
                                                Lisa Alexander (2000?s)
                                                Michelle Johnson (1990?s)
                                                Patricia Faithfull (nee Hillcoat) (1980?s)
                                                Shirley Ransome (1960?s)
                                                Thelma Kearle (1960?s)
SALES STAFF                         Barry Hose (1980?s)
                                                Ian Moloney (1980?s)
                                                Richard Appleby (1980?s)
ENGINEERING                       Peter Stark (1980?s)
A facebook page has also been created with people encouraged to add photos of 4MB staff and events, stories and memories etc.

This was taken around 1959 of Reg Evans, Michael McRae and Tony Schmidt.

Text or phone Kylie on 0409 230 376 if you have contact details for any of the listed former staff.

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