50 Shades of Gr-ALP

Political campaigns leave voters weary in the final days with messages and promises being spruked from all sides.

That’s why Hot FM’s Cliffo & Bec heated up Queensland  Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk’s policies, who shares the same Christian name as the protagonist from 50 Shades of Grey.

“You have the floor to talk about your policies but we are going to but we are in fact going to give you a soundtrack”

The duo played provocative music as Annastacia explained to voters that they “should not sell their assets”.


919 SEA FM’s Election Poo-Diction

And if you’re still ‘down in the dumps’ wondering who will win the Queensland State Election this Saturday, take a whiff of this – 919 SEA FM’s BarRat & Jess will enlist the help of a cow through “cow poo lotto” tomorrow, Friday morning from 8am to reveal all in a special prediction.

BarRat & Jess will reunite with the cow who made them an award winning show, to continue the world growing trend of using animals to predict fate – using Missy’s bowels. A grid marking out the State Election’s contesting parties will be the landing platform for the stunt, where Missy’s bowel movement will show her clear poo-diction.

919 SEA FM’s BarRat & Jess say they’ve been keen to give this a try for a while. “We thought this was the poo-fect way for a poo-diction, we just hope there won’t be any poo-titions if the poo-diction is a bit on the nose.”

The poo-diction will take place on Plaza Parade, Maroochydore (next to Office Works) from 8am Friday 30th January.

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