7HO is getting Tasmanians back to work

Tasmania has the worst unemployment rate in the country, but 101.7 7HOFM Hobart has decided to try and do something about it.


7HOFM has joined forces with local employment agency, Manpower, for 7HOFMs Million Dollar Job Hunt – getting Hobart working again.

The station aims to create $1 million worth of employment for the Hobart community, helping job-seekers and employers in providing workforce solutions.

Such a partnership between local business and community aims to provide mutually beneficial opportunities in the labour market.

7HOFM General Manager Steve White has told radioinfo:We are thrilled to be able to work with local business and the Hobart community in contributing to a local cause while creating opportunities for employees and employers.  Not only are we tackling the unemployment rate, but were giving community spirit a boost!

7HOFM’s Million Dollar Job Huntwill contribute to the local community while tackling Tassie’s high unemployment rate.


Employers and Job seekers can apply and find out more at www.7hofm.com.au