Narrowcaster lures John Knox back on air

Bribie 88fm has been able to lure respected former Brisbane radio announcer John Knox out of retirement and back behind the microphone.


After 50 years on air John Knox hung up the cans at 4KQ in Brisbane six years ago and moved to Bribie Island. He is still very active and enjoys a daily swim, a jog along the beach with his border collie Pat, gardening and spending time with the grandchildren. He is also involved with several community groups on Bribie, he’s a licensed pilot and flies most weekends and when he can find some time he travels around the state with his wife.

Bribie 88fm Station Manager Peter Finch has told radioinfo:

“The name John Knox is known to everyone who has listened to Brisbane radio since the 1960’s. When Bribie 88fm went to air in January this year John was one of the first to call and express his thanks for the programming and especially our music.”

“After 50 years in radio, John was happy to sit back and enjoy the music on Bribie 88fm, but he also hinted that one day he might think about dusting off his cans and playing some music for us. When I met up with John at his home he showed me a studio he has set up ‘just in case.’

“Knoxy did a one-off special program for Bribie 88fm on Anzac Day and after that it was just a matter of time before I could lure him back on air in a more permanent role.”


Knox says his program, Saturday Night, A Time To Remember is his idea of sharing some of the best music heard on radio. “I love the music from the 1920’s and even earlier, right up to the jazz and big band era of the 1950s.”

John Knox and his wife Val ran an announcing school in Brisbane for many years and his enthusiasm for teaching people of all ages the art of broadcasting is something that keeps his interest in the game. He has already helped one of the local presenters with some coaching and there are a few others who are keen to do a program, so his skills coaching won’t be lost either.

John Knox is on-air Saturday nights from 6pm until midnight, starting this weekend, 29th of September.

Bribie 88fm is a narrowcast station with programming targeted to the mature age group. 63% of the local residents are aged over 50. Bribie Island is mid-way between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and the population in the service area of Bribie Island, Ningi, Godwin Beach and Sandstone Point is approximately 21,000.