8HA is looking for ex announcers to share their 50th birthday

8HA turns 50 on 2 March 2021 and is wanting to hear from former announcers and staff.
Being COVID-aware, the station has opted to have a slightly lower-key and more localised celebration, rather than flying in guests and past announcers from interstate.
To this end, General Manager, Adrian Renzi has collated a list of people they’d like to hear from, but haven’t been able to find via regular contact or Social Media.
8HA is seeking birthday messages from:

  • Bob McIvor early announcer and board member.
  • Rod Henshaw.
  • Jeff Farmer.
  • Rob Winter.
  • Chris Kingate.
  • Bob O’Sullivan former manager.
  • Trevor Watson.
  • First announcer – John McGhean.
  • Terry and Richard Daniel.
  • Jon Crosby.
  • Michael Anderson.
  • Andrew Knott.
  • David Hill.
  • Mark Pendleton.
  • Ian Ashton Cooper.
  • Graeme Gilbert
  • Roy Tingay.
  • Dee Corcoran.
  • Jeanette Cook.
  • Dean Corsten
  • Terry Lewis sport.
  • Phil Ebrall
  • Phil Crowther.
  • Alan Wyatt.
  • Val Gibbs.
  • Carole Frost.
  • Gabby Floreani.
  • Deb Nichols.
  • Gwen White.
  • Jack Parkinson.
  • Lorna Moss.
  • Evelyn Scharber.
  • Jeff Huddlestone.
  • Paul Wiles.
  • Andrea Johnson.

If you can help, contact the station on 08 89 522900 


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