96FM joins the million dollar “maybe” prize club

Do the math. One listener will be given one chance in 96 to win a million dollars. If you were the insurance company how much would you want to cover it?

Here’s how the promotion works: 96FM is compiling a list of the greatest 96 Real Music Albums of all time. One album out of its greatest 96 could be worth $1 million to one Perth listener. 

Over five weeks from next Monday, listeners will have the chance to win tickets to 96FM’s “Million dollar breakfast” at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. To win tickets, listeners will need to be listening for that day’s nominated real music albums from the list of 96. 

During an outside broadcast from the event on December 4th, the breakfast team Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi (pictured) will give one person the chance to select one album from the 96 real music albums featured at the event. That album could be worth $1 million. 

“This campaign is built around our music. 96FM is the only station in Perth keeping real music alive and that really resonates with our listeners,” 96FM General Manager Martin Boylen said. 

“This is a massive promotion for us and culminates in the chance for an amazing, life changing prize for a lucky listener.”