98five celebrates Harmony Day with East Wanneroo Primary School

98five’s Kirste and Morro took the breakfast show to the multicultural East Wanneroo Primary School for Perth’s number one family station’s monthly Free Coffee Friday.
The school joined in with Harmony Day celebrations – a day that champions Australia’s cultural diversity.
Students and teachers indulged in free coffee and donuts provided by 98five’s ice cream van man Paul, the East Wanneroo Primary School got Brekky’s 50,000 listeners moonwalking to a rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ and the school got into the spirit of Harmony Day with a performance from the Taiko Japanese drummers.
School Principal Brian Dawson embraced Harmony Day by allowing students to wear clothes inspired from other countries.
“We’ve got national outfits, if you come from a different country you can wear that outfit today…the parents have gone to a huge effort to dress some of these kids up,
” Mr Dawson said.
“There’s 23 (different nationalities at the school). We’ve watched this over a number of years, the school has changed – the demographics have changed over the years and that’s what we have now. There’s a great mix of kids and they all get on just so well…they’re all mates.”
Kirste and Morro also caught up with YouthCare chaplain Carolyn Campbell, who said the presence of a chaplain helps build relationships with the students.
“I just love that I can be a listening ear for the kids, that they’ve got someone to talk to that they can trust, someone who’s not involved in their family but can be part of their family…building some positive into their live, build them up and encourage them to be the best they can be.”
If you would like to nominate your school to take part in Free Coffee Fridaybroadcasts, head to www.98five.com.


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