98five’s Kirste and Morro learn a thing or two about sustainability

In what was a windy morning in Perth’s western suburbs, 98five’s Brekky team of Kirste and Morro learned insightful ways on how to reduce their plastic use through sustainability recommendations during the station’s Floreat Park Primary School

The show caught up year five students, Jasper and Evie who informed Kirste and Morro that they had a message they wanted to get out to our listeners.

Student Evie said, “Australia is one of the largest producers of waste in the world, and as though this fact may come as a surprise to most, we can take simple steps to reduce plastic consumption.”

Jasper suggested, “Avoid using plastic bags when shopping, switch from plastic straws to metal straws, and cut down on takeaway coffee cups.”

Aside from the sustainability chat 98five had a surprise guest join Kirste and Morro on-air as former Perth Wildcats superstar, Shawn Redhage jumped behind the mic to discuss what he has been up to after his “retirement.”


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