A new SCA report shows audio’s power to drive sales

A new report, Audio Action Amplifier, from SCAiQ shows that 100% of 124 audio campaigns analysed drove measurable consumer action.

According to the report, the suite of campaigns analysed demonstrates that listeners act on audio advertising across all buying categories, but particularly so for ecommerce brands at 51%.

Ranging from 33% to 47%, listeners also act on audio campaigns across alcohol, FMCG, retail, finance, automotive and a variety of other categories.

The report says that audio drives up to 39% more customers to purchase compared with digital advertising alone, 18% more customers versus social media alone and 14% more customers than screens alone.

In addition, all audio formats perform strongly in delivering action, with broadcast audio driving 42% of listeners to perform one or more actions, streaming audio driving 43% of listeners to do the same and the figure for podcasts is even higher at 52%.

SCA Chief Sales Officer, Brian Gallagher says, “Whether our listeners are on the go, in the office or back home, this report proves that millions of them take action, and buy, as a direct result of audio advertising.

“Add that to the recency, influence and proximity to purchase that our platforms provide and there are compelling reasons for ecommerce advertisers to reassert their dominance with audio and drive business at the speed of sound.”

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