A recipe for radio sales

Selling Radio Direct with Pat Bryson

Do you know how to mix an effective campaign?

All of us selling radio have encountered the objection that “I tried radio once and it didn’t work.” Most of the time, the businessperson doesn’t remember 1. what station/stations they used 2. what type of schedule they ran and 3. what their ad said. Chances are the reason they THINK their radio didn’t work was because they didn’t use it properly. For any advertising to be effective we must follow the recipe for success. It’s similar to baking a cake. If we fail to execute any of the elements of the recipe properly, we end up with a flat cake.The Radio Recipe For Success:


1.     The correct frequency (repetition) per week. Science tells us this is usually 21-25 messages in a seven-day cycle. If you are selling a format with a short time-spent- listening, it may take 40.

2.    Enough consistency. This means at least 52 weeks. Many of my stations now sell 3-year agreements. If you want to know the scientific reason for this, email me….or you can hire me to come do a session for your group.

3.    A relevant message. The message must resonate with the listener. It must cut through the clutter and answer the question, “Why should I shop at that store?”


Note: nothing was said about budget in the above recipe. The investment for the ingredients will vary market to market, station to station. The recipe does not. Recipes for baking a cake do not concern themselves with the cost of the ingredients. They simply tell you how to end up with a tasty, beautiful cake. We should be selling SCHEDULES, not BUDGETS!


Following the recipe=Happy clients

Happy Selling!