Em Rusciano’s new podcast studio

Em Rusciano has recovered from the “grueling toll” of doing breakfast radio and has built herself a new studio to produce her podcast, which is hosted on Spotify.

In a letter to her 2017 self, posted on Instagram, she says she has recovered and is feeling positive about the future and her new podcast venture, with screen writer Michael Lucas:

Hey 2017/18 Em, guess what?! We moved into our own production office today!

Babes, after A LOT of therapy (you have some severe ptsd to work through) I want you to know that you do recover from that scorched earth, soul destroying, brought you down to your knees, breakfast radio ckusterf*ck.

You are now making a hugely successful show, on your own terms, with your best mate, and a team of legends backing you.

Today was a good day. No! Today was a GREAT day. @emsolationpodcast ❤️

The Emsolation podcast is “a Spotify exclusive Pod full of Pop, Politics & Princesses. With Bffs: Comedian @emrusciano and Screen writer @mrmichaellucas



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