ABC 774 and RN join for multi-faith OB

Last Saturday morning ABC Radio networks RN and Local Radio Victoria joined forces to host an hour of live radio from the Virgin Mary Mosque at the Werribee Islamic Centre, Victoria in support of National Mosque Open Day.

Hosted by Drive presenters Waleed Aly from RN and 774’s Raf Epstein, the one hour program was broadcast state-wide on ABC Radio Victoria.

During the one hour broadcast, Waleed and Raf spoke with guests including the Imam of the Virgin Mary Mosque Sheikh Isse Musse and the president of the National Council of Jewish Women of Australia Di Hirsch.

Sheikh Musse says it’s a “miracle” the diverse worshipping community works so well together.

Rafael and Waleed were treated like rock stars on the day, with people lining up to have their photo taken with them after the show.


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