ABC Canberra Breakfast Splits after Five Years

Long running 666 ABC Canberra breakfast duo, Chris Uhlmann and David Kilby, are going their separate ways, ending a successful five year partnership.

Uhlmann is heading south early next month to produce 774 ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine morning program, while Kilby will end up with a new, yet to be announced role at the Canberra station.

666 ABC is set to unveil a new breakfast show on Monday 6 December.

Station manager, Andy Henley, has told The Canberra Times’ Frank Cassidy: “It’s the end of an era. There’s no doubt it’s a huge loss to us.

“Uhlmann and Kilby have been a great success, topping the breakfast ratings for the past two years and taking 666 ABC to equal #1 in Canberra. They opened the door on everybody’s morning.

“We hope we can come up with something our audience finds just as engaging, just as much fun and just as informative.”

Uhlmann wants to broaden his career, telling the paper: “the opportunity to produce Jon Faine is interesting and challenging. I want to try something a bit different and this one appealed.

“As for David Kilby, the show would not have worked without him. People don’t really appreciate what a welcoming personality he is. It’s a gift.”