ABC Friends and Community Broadcasters lobby parties for support

The Friends of the ABC organization has conducted a survey of the three main parties during this election to determine their policies on the ABC. At the same time the community sector has been trying to get commitments out of each party about support for community radio.


Friends of the ABC

FABC surveyed key issues such as independence, funding and international broadcasting in its questionnaire to the parties. The FABC notes that it believes “targeted funding” may undermine the ABC’s independence.

The Greens promised to support increased triennial fundoing for the national broadcaster, Labor stood on its record, and the Liberals promised not to cut ABC funding. Detailed results of FABC responses are set out in the FABC’s table below.




Community Broadcasting


The community radio sector has extracted commitments from some parties for specific funding.

Labor minister Anthony Albanese promised $95,000 for FBi to fund new transmission infrastructure. Labor’s Kim Carr told 3ZZZ that Labor has provided record levels of funding support for community radio in recent years but acknowledged there is “always more to do.” He said community radio is an important part of the broadcasting scene in Australia.

The Greens see community broadcasting as important because it breaks down the concentration of big media in Australia and brings more voices to the debate. Senator Scott Ludlam told The Wire the Greens will support community broadcasting. Liberal candidate for Bennelong John Alexander said he did not know whether his party supported community broadcasting or not in an interview on 2RRR.

The community broadcasting campaign site is at the link below.