The ABC unveils new social media guidelines

There are new social media guidelines for ABC staff, and a breach could risk ongoing employment.
ABC Managing Director David Anderson told staff this morning. “The ABC will be updating its employment contracts to make this clear,”
According to the new guidelines, everything that is posted on personal social media accounts is editorially and legally the responsibility of the owner of the accounts.
Anderson said staff should not have any reference to the ABC in their username and should have a disclaimer making it clear that posts are their personal view:

Most personal social media activity has no bearing on the ABC and there is no intent to constrain anyone’s activity outside the workplace. 
The primary concern is when personal social media activity reflects badly on the ABC’s independence and integrity, or when a poorly judged post or series of posts or “likes” compromises perceptions of the impartiality of someone in an ABC role where maintaining impartiality in the public eye is crucial.
So, to protect yourself and the ABC, I offer this simple piece of advice: If you are posting, liking, or sharing something on personal social media that is work related or about a matter of public controversy – ask yourself if it’s something you would also say, write, or share on an ABC platform. This is particularly important for those who have a high profile or senior role within the ABC.


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