ABC’s 7:30 ramps up the pressure on Ray Hadley

Last night The ABC’s 7:30 spent more than 15 minutes investigating allegations of bullying of former 2GB staff by Ray Hadley.

This time, adding his story to those exposed last week, was ABC Grandstand presenter Andrew Moore who had previously worked on Hadley’s Continuous Call Team at 2GB over a number of years. At one point in the interview he breaks down in tears as he recalls the anguish he alleges was caused him by Hadley’s relentless verbal attacks. Even John Singleton admits on camera that Hadley is prone to bouts of rage.

The other accuser featured on 7:30 was Jesse Perez who last week tweeted his own experience with one of “Ray’s Sprays.” Having read Jesse’s tweet, last Monday, Hadley told his listeners that he couldn’t recall Jesse having worked there.

To be fair to Ray, Jesse Perez is also now known by the name of Jesse Chard.
In fact, even I didn’t know that Jesse had changed his name – and he’d worked with me many years ago when I was a partner at Radiowise, before he landed his “dream job” at 2GB. We’d pretty much lost contact after that. 
I spoke to him yesterday for the first time in more than a decade and am pleased to report he’s doing well with his own production company, older and very much wiser. He told me that after Chris Bowen had had the guts to tell his story about how Ray’s bullying affected him, he felt that he should lend his support by revealing his own experience.
He also told me that before the 7:30 segment aired, the ABC’s legal team was very thorough in their veryifying the facts of the story and insisted on sighting his medical records in respect of his claims that he had medical treatment for symptoms attributed to being bullied.

Watch the Ray Hadley segment on 7:30 here.

Scott Morrison dragged in to the Ray Hadley bullying controversy

In a separate segment on 7:30 last night while presenter Leigh Sales is interviewing PM Scott Morrison about Tuesday’s Federal Budget, she asks Mr Morrison, who used to be a regular guest on Hadley’s show before they had a falling out, about his reaction to the 2GB presenter’s alleged workplace conduct.
Mr Morrison, who would not be drawn into the matter told Ms Sales: “Having not seen the report I’ll leave that to 2GB. I’m answerable for many things but I’m not responsible for private broadcasters.”
Ever persistent in a line of questioning, Ms Sales then asked Mr Morrison if he had ever, himself, felt bullied by Hadley. Not taking a backward step, the PM laughed it off saying, “No, I’m not easy to intimidate.”  She went on to ask what he thought of the suggestion that conservative politicians have a tendency to cave on policy under pressure from broadcasters such as Ray Hadley to which he answered, “I think it’s rubbish!”
Finally, Ms Sales ask him directly, “You’ve never caved or changed your mind on anything due to pressure from commercial radio broadcasters… commercial television presenters?”
To which the PM replies, “No, not even the ABC.”
End of segment.

Watch the Scott Morrison segment here.


Meanwhile, there are reports that Hadley is the subject of a fresh internal investigation after a colleague came forward in recent days with new allegations of workplace bullying.The Sydney Morning Herald has been told the inquiry into the claims, which stem from an incident in 2016, is under way at Macquarie Media.

There is also understood to be a litany of other bullying claims against Hadley made by the same individual, who remains employed at 2GB but has been on leave over the matter since March 25 and is now seeing a psychologist.



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