Triple M stations pull Hadley feed again: listeners not happy

There has been another development in the continuing saga between 2GB’s Ray Hadley and the SCA’s regional Triple M network today.

SCA has pulled the feed whenever Ray mentions the regional legal case that began the issue, but, instead of just pulling it in NSW, which is the legal jurisdiction for the case, the feed has been blanked out all across the SCA regional Triple M network.

A post on the Triple M network facebook pages echos Creina Chapman’s statement to radioinfo earlier today, telling listeners:

“We apologise for any interruption to the Ray Hadley program. A continuing segment of the program relates to a case currently before the court which we are not permitted to discuss on-air.”

A 2GB source has told radioinfo:

“I’ve never seen a reaction like this. We’ve received close to 2,000 emails from regional listeners complaining Ray had been cut off.”

It is believed Hadley is personally replying to each listener.

Hadley thinks Triple M is “trying to protect an advertiser,” but SCA insists it is a legal issue. SCA appears to have a single feed to its whole network, which is presumably why all stations are being affected.


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