ABC’s Trace returns with series 2, The Informer

ABC’s Trace podcast returns to probe the story of Nicola Gobbo, one of Australia’s most controversial and high profile barristers.

The full story behind what made Nicola Gobbo, the barrister and gangland lawyer, turn police informer has never been told, and the implications are real and enormous.
Trace: The Informer investigates a complex world of covert policing and underworld operations that spans decades with host Rachael Brown and co-reporter Josie Taylor examining what makes a lawyer representing some of Australia’s most dangerous criminals risk her career, and even her life, to feed information to the police.


The podcast launches as the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants, which was sparked by Nicola Gobbo, nears its conclusion.
Nicola Gobbo remains in hiding but Brown and Taylor have secured the only media interview with her since the exposure of her secret identity as Lawyer X.
Bringing never-before broadcast information and recordings to light, they investigate how Gobbo was permitted, and even encouraged, to turn informer. And they ask whether the very organisation entrusted to uphold the law, the police force, has in fact undermined it.
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