Acast+ Access gives subscriber publications integrated podcast benefits

New research from Acast has shown that there are a significant and financial opportunities for publishers and other companies to integrate podcasts into their current subscription offerings.

The Acast survey showed more than a quarter of consumers (27%) would be more likely to sign up for a subscription if they also received podcast benefits as part of that subscription. More than a fifth of consumers (21%) would be willing to pay more to get the added podcast benefits. The recent 2023 Digital News Report: Australia found that one in five of us pay for news subscriptions, amongst the highest rates globally.

Acast has launched Acast+ Access, giving any company with an existing paid subscription offering the ability to add exclusive podcast benefits.

Acast Managing Director for AUNZ, Henrik Isaksson, said:

“Australian consumers are today faced with more choice than ever when it comes to the subscriptions they pay for. We know that a direct result of this is that subscription-based businesses like news and media, as well as streaming services, need to offer a truly valuable and easy-to-use experience for their customers. 

This is precisely why we’ve developed Acast+ Access, to give any company with a paid subscription offering the chance to meaningfully increase that offering by integrating podcast benefits into the experience. This will allow subscribers to access additional benefits like ad-free listening, exclusive content and more through their podcast platform of choice, simply through being a subscriber of their favourite media brands.”

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