Ace Radio creates 1000-piece ‘Jon & Kate Morning Rush’ jigsaw puzzle …

… becomes most sought-after giveaway in the show’s history. 

During the school holidays, Ace Radio Network’s Jon Vertigan spoke on ‘The Morning Rush’ about how in an effort to lure his ten-year-old son away from his Playstation 4, he bought a jigsaw puzzle.

Co-host Kate Meade suggested that he was an ‘out of touch’ dad, and that nobody was doing jigsaw puzzles anymore.

The audience jumped to Jon’s defense, ringing in to let them know that jigsaw puzzles are very much ‘a thing’. 

Rather than leave it there, behind the scenes Jon had five ‘Jon and Kate Morning Rush’ 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles printed, for giveaway on the show. 
These were given away on air this week, and became the most sought after giveaway item in the show’s history!
The Morning Rush originates from 3YBFM, and airs on 3CS, 3HA, 3SH, 3WM, 3NE, 2QN and Gippsland’s Gold. 

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