Ace Radio Network Owner Dies

Helen Handbury, owner of Victoria’s Ace Radio Network with husband, Geoff, has died after a short illness at 75. She was the eldest sister of Rupert Murdoch.

When asked about an obituary, ACE Radio’s CEO Stephen Everett told radioinfo: “Yes, our Network is feeling somewhat sad, but typically Helen had everything organized with an emphasis on the no fuss angle!

“I could provide you with any number of obituaries, but you know what Helen would say. Something like, ‘I was not a well known person for my radio activities and it is ridiculous to think they would want to print anything about me in an industry newsletter.’

So Stephen Everett simply gave a couple of personal remiscences, saying:

“She was without doubt, the most humble person I have ever met; a true treasure who took a great interest in everyone else’s life.

“She possessed remarkable, but simple wisdom and when she chose to speak at Board Meetings, let me tell you, every one listened.”

Helen and Geoff Handbury were great benefactors of many community causes.

Mrs Handbury, OAM, had been a director of CARE Australia, Southdown Press, Progress Press and Advertiser Newspapers during her distinguished public life.

She followed the Murdoch family’s tradition in media when they and their daughter, Judy, and son-in-law, Rowly Paterson, bought Ace Radio Pty Ltd, Victoria’s leading regional radio broadcasting network.